We are a locally owned business situated in Trinity and have been licensed to work on States roads since 2008. NJD are Investing in Jersey with new innovations in tarmacking, alongside the islands traditional plant we have invested in recycling plants which can be used on most tarmacking surfaces which reduces the reliance of importation of raw materials and reduces the pressure of dumping at La Collette.

Our fully qualified team (All are on the Street Work’s Qualification Register) can handle your requirements to your needs and the industry specifications that are listed by British Standards.

NJD Asphalt Services Ltd offer services in all aspects of tarmacking from private work to contractual work for the States of Jersey and local utility companies. We also carry out investigation work prior to major re-surfacing projects such as diamond core drilling and trial pits. 

Its not just tarmac surfaces that NJD can offer we have also laid Granite chippings for private communal driveways and Hoggin for a specific structure to sit on a water tank for Jersey Hemp is just one example.