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Welcome to NJD Asphalt Services Ltd in Jersey. We hope we’ll be your choice for all your tarmac needs. Whether it’s a private driveway, trench reinstatement, pothole / road repair, kerbs and paving or ground works and drainage we can supply the right materials and men for the job.

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We are a locally owned business licensed to work on States roads since 2008. NJD are Investing in Jersey with new innovations in tarmacking, alongside the islands traditional plant we have invested in recycling plants which can be used on most tarmacking surfaces which reduces the reliance of importation of raw materials

When we undertake the job, we are committed to not dumping the removed material, but rather to remix it to a high standard that’s as good as new with the cost benefit of not dumping or having to buy new material. Stone is a long hard wearing material, so why do we throw so much away when we resurface? We think that’s important for You, and Jersey.